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About Us

The Company

Barzan Holdings is responsible for empowering the military capabilities of the Qatari Armed Forces. This will be achieved by partnering with leading international companies and organizations in the defense field.

Acting as a commercial gateway for the defense industry in Qatar, Barzan Holdings is open for business and provides opportunities for international companies to collaborate on R&D, facilitate knowledge transfer and create innovative defense and security technologies.

The Vision

Barzan Holdings’ vision is to become a leading global defense and security investment group through direct investments and by partnering with international organizations to build outstanding technological capabilities and human know-how in Qatar and the international market.

The Mission

Barzan Holdings’ mission is to strengthen Qatar’s sovereignty and support the long-term development of R&D, knowledge transfer, human capital, industry and innovative technology in Qatar’s defense and security sector.

To achieve its mission, Barzan Holdings operates under three pillars: investments; R&D; and strategic procurement.

The Values

The Qatar National Vision 2030 sets out a roadmap for our sustainable future under the leadership of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. The strategic goal laid out in the Vision is of a knowledge-based, diversified economy that is not dependent on oil and gas. Barzan Holdings is firmly aligned with the Qatar National Vision 2030 by bringing new technologies and industry to the economy, and is helping to build Qatar’s human capital through knowledge transfer and the creation of new careers.


Barzan Holdings makes direct investments in well-established defence and security companies, early stage venture capital investments, indirect investments, and enters into JVs.

Through its investment pillar of operations, Barzan Holdings is seeking a mix of both financial returns from its portfolio companies and strategic attributes for the benefit of Qatar through creation of new technologies, acquisition of intellectual property, knowledge transfer and partnerships between Qatar and the host country.


Establishing JVs with leading defense and security companies is the primary way that Barzan Holdings is building R&D capabilities in Qatar. These JVs have been structured to facilitate knowledge transfer, advance Qatar’s human capital, and develop Qatar’s domestic defense and security sector industry.
Each of Barzan Holdings’ JVs contain an R&D element, with Barzan Holdings providing funding and facilities, and convenient end-user feedback is available from the Qatar Armed Forces. Barzan Holdings has a dedicated team that oversees R&D in each of its JVs.

Barzan Holdings has a large dedicated space for R&D at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) in the “Tech 4” building. This building is exclusively for the use of Barzan Holdings and its JVs with ten workshops on two levels. Close to Education City, the site was chosen for its excellent technical facilities and ease of access for students to engage with R&D.


Barzan Holdings plays an important advisory role in the procurement process undertaken by Qatar’s Ministry of Defense in all strategic projects to achieve maximum efficiency in terms of design and implementation. Barzan Holdings focuses only on large and high value acquisitions.

Barzan Holdings is engaged in the stage of deal- making between foreign companies and the Ministry of Defense to ensure that Qatar's long-term strategic needs are met as part of the purchase transaction. For example, by providing R&D and knowledge transfer through the partner institution. Barzan Holding is also improving its procurement process through its expertise in the fast delivery process and the delivery method required to meet Qatar's needs in the best possible way.